Upcoming Seasonals

Photo Credit: Michael Bidwell

Photo Credit: Michael Bidwell

As the roses bloom and spring gives way to warmer temperatures, we have some new beers to be released over the next month:

Andi’s Ale firkin with blackberries and peanut butter: a lunch pail of flavors for adventurous ale drinkers. This beer has real fruit added during packaging, so the aromas are very fresh.

New Zealand Pale Ale: a dry-hopped pale ale with copious amounts of New Zealand Pacific Gem, Dr. Rudi, and Wakatu hops. Dry-hopped with Wakatu. Aromas of lemon rind, lime zest, and Bradford pear. This beer is the brain child of our brewer Kalim.

Baby Quad: a sessionable red Belgian-style ale brewed with Abbey malt, stepped up with dark candi sugar after fermentation, racked onto cherry puree and aged in a Dark Horse Reunion barrels. Check it out at the Westport Ale Festival, June 13th.

Rye Bale: a russet orange rye pale ale aged in a Dark Horse Reunion Rye barrel. A boozy aroma gives way to a rounded spicy finish. We loves barrel flavors, but prefer beers with sessionable strengths… so that we can drink more of it!

Old Country Promise, Abstergify, and Andi’s Ale will be rotated on regularly as we continue our lineup of four beers at a time.

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