Our beer lineup


Papa Louie’s Cask Ale

Dark and hoppy, this beer is neither a stout nor a Black IPA. Dark Scottish malts are combined with fresh American hops to bring forth a pub-style beer that can be shared with friends.

Served in the real ale style: hand-pumped through a beer engine en route to your glass. A variety of malts lends this beer a distinct Scottish backbone for a very American hop profile. The dry hops selected are based on seasonality and a need for experimentation, but will feature Amarillo, Calypso, Belma, Saaz, Sterling, Cascade, Citra, Columbus, Phoenix, Chinhook, Bravo, among others.

Style: American Stout

Availability: Year-round

Packaging:  Firkins, pins, and halfhogsheads

Bitterness (IBUs): 47

Alcohol by volume: 5.6

Condition: low carbonation (1 volume of CO2 per volume of beer)

Papa Louie’s Hoppy Red Wheat

Midwestern wheat malt and American hops fall in love, and this is their love baby. Grapefruit zest, young pine needles, and burnt sugarplums coast in equilibrium with caramelized wheat waffle flakes.

Style: Hoppy Red Wheat

Availability: March, April / September, October

Packaging: kegs, occasional maple syrup-primed casks

Bitterness (IBUs): 70

Alcohol by volume: 5.4

Condition: medium carbonation

Papa Louie’s Golden Jukebox

Papa Louie had several jukeboxes that he kept over the years. My job was to move them from warehouse to warehouse, making sure they didn’t get scratched.

One jukebox stood out from the rest. It was a hybrid machine, something only Louis knew how to get going and damned if it didn’t it look amazing.

This simple beer is a confluence of Golden Promise malt and New Zealand hops.

Style: American Pale Ale

Availability: limited release

Packaging: kegs

Bitterness (IBUs): 20

Alcohol by volume: 4.5

Condition: medium carbonation

Papa Louie’s Chicha

This low alcohol corn mashed concoction is brewed with a variety of spices and herbs: spearmint, coriander, orange peel, and lemon zest. With a dash of hops we have created a summer ale that is both unique and delicious. Try it before a long distance marathon or drink it all night with your friends.

Style: Native American ale

Availability: June, July, August

Packaging: kegs

Bitterness (IBUs): n/a

Alcohol by volume: 3.6

Condition: medium carbonation

Papa Louie’s Cherry Tree

Cherrywood-smoked malt with sweet cherries, that’s using the whole tree. Leaves and roots, you say? Well, we can’t get too crazy here.

This recipe is based on our Golden Jukebox, a simple pale ale that utilizes a golden grains and fruity hops.

Style: Cherrywood-smoked cherry ale

Availability: limited release

Packaging: kegs

Bitterness (IBUs): 25

Alcohol by volume: 5.4

Condition: medium carbonation

Papa Louie’s Bourbon Scotch Paw Paw

Legend has it that a brewers apprentice was delivering beer from Edinburgh to Kansas City, a perilous trip indeed. When he arrived, he noticed a leak in his cooperage, having lost a good portion of his beer. Fearing the worst, he scrambled together all the native Paw Paws he could find, mashed them up, and then added them with bourbon whiskey to his barrels. When the beer was tapped, his fears were alleviated when Charlie Parker remarked, after ducking a cymbal, “This delicious beer has inspired me to play the saxophone more brilliantly!”

Style: Strong Scotch Ale

Availability: November, December

Packaging: kegs

Bitterness (IBUs): 26

Alcohol by volume: 10.5

Condition: medium-low carbonation

This post will be updated periodically, such as adding new offerings, or to reflect label approval changes.

Papa Louie’s Heritage

An earlier incarnation of our brew kettle, the recipe of which was derived to reflect what Papa Louie might drink, if he wanted a beer. Large amounts of dark, toasty malts and a restrained zing of hops.

Style: American Stout

Availability: Limited release (February)

Packaging: kegs

Bitterness (IBUs): 46

Alcohol by volume: 6.7

Condition: 2.3 volume of CO2 per volume of beer

This post will be updated periodically, such as adding new offerings, or to reflect label approval changes.


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