Anton Louis Ptacek Jr.



Anton Louis Ptacek Jr., known to me as Papa Louie, passed away October 14, 2013. He was 92 years old.

Louis was an amazing man, leaving behind a legacy of hard work, leadership, and friendship. The former owner of Bird Music & Vending, Louis was an entrepreneurial spirit with a kind heart. He looked out for his family, his friends, and his employees. His business was wildly successful, a product of his hard work and dedication.

Others in my family continued to work in the industry that Louis has developed, but my father set out on his own, to Kansas City, starting his own company. My father was also wildly successful, nearly immediately, due to his business savvy, timely purchases, and pulse on the market. The building that we rent, 4010 Penn, along with the upstairs Coffeehouse, are both legacies of this success. My father continues his work in his Amusement business to this day.

Louis’ legacy will live on through his family. From me, my sister, my cousins, and all of the Ptaceks out there: we will miss you, Papa Louis.

Hopefully, through hard work and a dedication to my craft, I can honor this amazing man.

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