Berliner dunkelhop

hops n kettle

Starting with whole cone Legacy hops in the mash tun, I am hoping to approximate a technique that Berliner brewers have been doing for a long time: mash-hopping. The idea is that a small amount of hop character would be infused without creating bitterness. When hops are boiled with beer wort, a process known as isomerization occurs that creates bitterness. Since Berliner Weiss beer is not to be bitter, these beers are usually not boiled.

However, a Berliner Dunkelhop is a different animal altogether.


Dunkel wheat and Maris Otter form our basic grain bill. After the mash process converts these complex carbohydrates into more fermentable sugars, the wort is sparged and lautered into the brew kettle. A final look at the beautiful mix of hops and grain:


Once in the kettle, lactobaccilus was introduced to begin fermentation of some glucose into lactic acid. This “tang” will hopefully be tart and refreshing. Once the desired acidity is reached, the beer will be pasteurized to arrest bacterial activity, cooled, and pitched with a blend of Bavarian and American yeasts.

Click here for part 2

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