Cleaning, and other fun hobbies


After installing the new heating element, I decided to try out my new acid rinse cleaner… the “blue stuff,” as I used to know it.

It turns out that this blue stuff is pretty important for cleaning inorganic compounds off of brewing equipment. Draft technicians stop by the restaurant every six weeks to wash this stuff through our tap lines. The buildup of beer stone happens in small increments, but I’m sure it can sneak up on you if you forget about it. My rudimentary understanding of this cleaner is that it will remove calcium scale buildup, and will re-passivise (make shiny) stainless steel.


Working with chemicals requires one to maintain certain temperatures, and measure liquids to precise amounts. Acid Cleaner #5 works between 50*F and 140*F.  Most cleaners and sanitizers work best a bit warmer, around 140*F.

Floor drains, hot water, exhaust fans, good AC unit, 60 A breakers, extra space… these seem to be important parts of a brewery, easily forgotten when imagining brewing. If only we could just stir grain all day…

stir the mash

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