A quick end for our first keg


Papa Louie’s Test Batch #1 met an early end last Friday. It lasted three days. I was surprised but not too impressed, as we’ve hosted Tallgrass events that would tap out after a few hours. The feedback was positive, although I feel that people don’t want to hurt my feelings. There were a few grumblings of it being too light, and I’d hate to file these under “Doesn’t Understand the Style.” I think it’s important to listen to criticism when you can, as we always need something pushing us further. Perhaps they may have been looking for more complexity, maybe more character malt. I think a lower pitching temperature will reduce some of the citrus notes on the nose, inappropriate for the style.

After kegging Test Batch #2, I will be brewing the next offering, an English India Pale Ale. This beer features a different yeast strain, an English ale yeast that will impart stone-fruit esters, minerality, and a dry attenuation. This required me to step up some new yeast, a process that takes a few days.

This new beer will be using some fun new hops: French Strisselspalt, Sterling, and Cascades. I’m looking for a mix of grapefruit, cinnamon, and floral notes. The character malts will hopefully provide flavors of honey biscuits, toasted caramel, and fresh baked bread.

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