Finishing up batch #1 & other projects

new light

The above picture shows my new brew light. During my overnight brew session, I realized how harsh florescent lights can be. I was looking for some mood lighting, something that would help the creative process. Also, UV rays from sunlight or florescent lighting can cause phototrophic reactions with the hops inside our beer, creating a “skunky” flavor. Corona Light in the clear bottle will give you an idea of this flavor.

Papa Louie’s Test Batch #1 has officially been packaged! It was racked tonight from the conical to a sanke keg. This keg is currently carbonating:

fiddling with keg

I had many headaches learning the intricacies of sanke kegs, which are the standard kegs here in America. They are pain to clean, and it is necessary to remove the spear for a visual inspection. However, it seems to be worth it! After cleaning the keg manually, I created a simple keg washing station with a special coupler, a pump, and my cleaning keg. Once upon a time this keg used to be my hot liquor tank for homebrewing, but now it serves a higher purpose:


Earlier, I mentioned that I had insulated my mash tun. I needed to hold heat more effectively, as I was losing about 5 degrees every 30 minutes. My space age mash tun:

insulated mash tun

The carbonation will take about a week. I was hoping to get Papa Louis and Bill “Papop” Brownfield down here for the first taping, along with friends and family. I’m relieved that the beer is close to tapping, but obviously there is a lot of anxiety regarding peoples expectations. Ultimately, the culmination of this work is that now I can brew beer commercially, and that is pretty cool.

3 responses to “Finishing up batch #1 & other projects

  1. Not sure if corona light will give you any idea about flavor at all. Too bad you didn’t get a dual wall steam heated mash tun from me! Oh wait, I’m not making them yet…

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